“Quaeras de dubiis legem bene discere si vis (Inquire into them to see what things are true.)”

Louis L. Akin, LPI, AT, CSE, CDI
Executive Director, Crime Scene Analyst

Dr. Elizabeth Peacock, MD
Forensic Pathologist

Dr. Michael Spence, Ph. D. DNA
DNA Expert

Andre Stuart, Engineer
21st Century Animations

Jeff Wax, Ph.D. LPI, MS
Mitigation Specialist

Kathleen Bright-Birnbaum CLPE
Fingerprint Expert

Paul Raney, CPS
Investigator, Process Service

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Louis Akin, LPI, AT, CSE,CDI, Discusses the chilling details of reconstructing one of the most infamous crime scenes in the last century. His findings brought monumental discoveries to the table in piecing together this shooting on a military base in Texas.

A Brief Overview of Our Expertise

– Crime Scene Reconstruction
– Forensic Pathology
– Autopsy Review
– Medical Records Review
– DNA Expertise
– Fingerprint Expert
– Mitigation Specialist
– Personal Injury Accidents
– Crime and Accident Scene photography