Thank You To All of Our Clients

“Louis Akin is extremely bright and creative. His experience in crime scene forensics is unmatched and he is an excellent witness at trial. Working with Louis is a genuine pleasure.” – Grant Scheiner, Criminal Defense Attorney, Houston, Texas

“…an unusually high caliber investigator. Louis is capable of performing extremely meticulous investigations and gathering evidence that many other investigators miss. He often adds insight to cases offering suggestions on legal theories and case strategies. His reports are well organized and written in a clear concise style.” – Michael L. Hill, Attorney, El Paso, Texas

“…enthusiasm, dependability, and creativity that I have usually not found in the performance of an investigator…often added to the case with details of facts which were developed on his own…general knowledge of the law which he skillfully applies…” – Charles C. Dyer, Attorney, San Mateo, California

“Thank you again for your invaluable insight and feedback in this matter. The Judge acquitted of the first degree (murder) and found the lesser included involuntary manslaughter…we succeeded in proving the physical evidence did not match the State’s testimony. Thanks again.” – Dennis Doherty, Attorney, Chicago, ILL